Capacity Building

Reading Circle

The reading circle is held by CELD staff members and is addressed to students who are interested in linguistics. On a weekly basis, students are given the opportunity to repeat and discuss difficult topics from the regular syllabus and to touch upon a more diverse range of topics and thus broaden their linguistic knowledge. The reading circle is focused on reading and understanding original texts, and working practically with natural data.


The CELD offers a number of workshops on a regular basis. They touch on different topics such as descriptive and documentary linguistics, language processing software, and fieldwork methods. The workshops are open to students, lecturers, staff members, and community language workers.

Student Projects

In corporation with the Volkswagen Foundation in Germany, the CELD offers an extensive teaching program to local students and staff members at the State University in Manokwari. After attending this program, students will be encouraged to carry out their own documentation projects, documenting their native language. During these closely supervised projects, they will be funded by scholarships covering their expenses during their field stays as well as tuition fees and living costs during their last semester when writing their bachelor thesis. The collected data will be processed according to the DoBeS standards and archived at the CELD and at The Language Archive in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. By giving local students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in linguistics and field work methods and by providing them with the technical equipment of modern language documentation, we hope to build a sustainable foundation for the documentation of endangered languages in Indonesian Papua.